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Tseng Kwong Chi | A Flâneur living between the East and the West

“I am an inquisitive traveler, a witness of my time, and an ambiguous ambassador” — Tseng Kwong Chi Tseng Kwong Chi, “New York, NY (World Trade Center)”, 1979 | Image courtesy of the Artist Estate,…

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Gazi Nafis Ahmed | Camera as a “weapon of love,” breaking down hate and prejudice through sharing stories

“I explore love in my work. Love is what matters — love for each other and the love that we pour into the art we feel compelled to share. We human beings are here for…

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Trevor Yeung | Projecting emotional and intellectual scenarios on biological substitutes

“Intimacy is important in my artworks. And not only intimacy between the audience and the artworks, but also between myself and the material. Some artists spend 15 years studying colour. I’ve spent most of my…

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Yan Xing | Shaping a richer self

‘I have very specific requirements for how to “frame” my own work. I want to control the audience’s experience. This is my public rejection of audience engagement. The viewer can only see the parts I…

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Zheng Bo | The forest as a queer assembly in a more-than-human form

“I think when I started working with plants I did use them as metaphors. But as you probably can sense, as I learned more about their life, I’m trying to move away from that, and…

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Xiyadie | Zhuangzi dreamed a butterfly, a queer artist’s confession

“At that time in the village, if you dared to come out, you would be scolded by the whole family and could not live there anymore. I would love to be with the man I…

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Arin Rungjang | Welcome to My World

“Every time Tee (a transgender woman won a transgender beauty competition) came to visit at our house, my heart would beat hard. I remember wishing to be beautiful like her. Every morning my mom would…

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1280 720 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Sin Wai Kin | Their explorations in non-binary gender construction by using drag and speculative fiction

“I initially didn’t think about what to convey (through cross-dressing). Just felt like it was something I had to do. I want to explore femininity in a queer way. Looking back now, I am dealing…

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Kohei Yoshiyuki | Discussing the boundaries among spectator, voyeur, and participant through social documentation

“My intention was to capture what happened in the parks, so I was not a real ‘voyeur’ like them, but I think, in a way, the act of taking photographs itself is voyeuristic somehow. So…

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Hou Chun-Ming | Unbridled but not out of control

“Handling the most important problem that you need to face and solve now is the most accurate and powerful creation. Honesty is crucial. Point to the core and don’t dodge. If you dodge, you don’t…

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Martin Wong | Realism in the hand of an urban dreamer

“Taking down to street level this time, I wanted to focus in close on some of the endless layers of conflict that has us all bound together… Always locked in, always locked out, winners and…

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Kyle Dunn | Conveying a picture of masculine softness and male sensuality by relief painting

“I think everyone, regardless of gender or appearance, should be free to be as soft or as hard as they like. I personally am a very romantic person and paint men likewise; men aren’t given…

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2048 1151 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Su Hui-Yu | Re-narrating Taboos

“I want to create something that intersects personal memory and historical collective memory, and then use my personal language to present it. There are many movies from the old days in Taiwan that had a…

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Andrew Thomas Huang | “Kiss of the Rabbit God” — a confession and a love letter to queer Asian community

“Being asked to create a piece centered around queer Asian characters became a dauntingly personal journey for me. I grew up with a deficit of queer Asian visibility on-screen along with the frequent stigmatization and…

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Jes Fan | Installation of human organs broaden the body and gender fluidity

“I think my work is about identity, more so about the lapse between the vessel and the interior, and the mistranslation or the kind of crossing between them.”— Jes Fan Jes Fan, “Animacy Arrangement”, 2017…

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Carrie Yamaoka | A Rejuvenation of Minimalism spurred by new materials, more refined techniques, and fresh ideas

“I’m not interested in composing a picture. I leave room for the viewer to complete the picture in the end. People get caught up in the mystery of how it’s made, but that demystifies the…

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Dinh Q. Lê | Identity and sense of belongings are woven by photographs

“These early weavings were really about me trying to locate my place in America, in the West. During my lunch breaks at high school, as my English was very bad, I couldn’t communicate with the…

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Mark Bradford | Standing up and not being on the fringe by redefining “Abstraction”

“When I decided to go to art school, hell or high water I was going to be a subject. Some people, God bless them, are born with subjectivity. For some, racially, or for some genders,…

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Danh Võ | Re-interpreting freedom through disassembling and rebuilding

“I thought it would be interesting to make something that people felt so familiar with, in all the different ways that people project on the sculpture, and try to destabilise your own thinking of it.”…

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Nan Goldin | Photography as a public visual diary, an obsession with memory

“I lived with some drag queens so I photographed drag queens. I never decided that drag queens formed a subject that I had to photograph. The work was always a direct offshoot of my life.…

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Ren Hang | Wandering on the edge, lost in the world

“Nudes are there since always. We were born nude. So talking about revolution, I don’t think there’s anything to revolutionize. Unless people are born with clothes on, and I want to take their clothes off,…

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Catherine Opie | The Community of Difference

“My work is really simple; I don’t have a lot of hidden agendas. It’s about place and identity and how they inform each other, and that includes myself; but iconic images need to be simple,…

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Hsi Shih-Pin | How crazy the heart is; how free the soul is

‘People sometimes don’t react for the sake of reaction. You merely listened to your fundamental voice, and then expressed. The function of art is to inspire more people’s imaginations. The artist’s mission is to propose…

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Elmgreen & Dragset | The artist duo unveiling the power structures in a humorous way

“The little art project is like a grain of sand in an oyster, which creates a certain irritation that becomes a beautiful pearl. It’s a belief in your fellow human beings – in the audience…

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Balbir Krishan | Insisting on constructing the texture of human skin by using dots and lines

“First, I would tell (younger self) that little kid to speak, to any trusted person who might have stopped the sexual violence. Looking back, though, I realize there was no one. Certainly not my father.…

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Ad Minoliti | Feminism as a tender utopia

‘I am interested in breaking from what art history limits to “feminist art” or “woman art”: an apology of suffering representing victims of traumatic experiences without legitimizing other expressions and forms of reclamation. Personally, I…

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Ming Wong | The career in acting under cross play, cross-dressing and gender resetting

’This is one kind of “cross-dressing” no matter if I act as a male in the play, an old character or a young character, even speaking the foreign language in the play. Cross-dressing is not…

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Anne Imhof | Making both moving and still pictures by pointing to the history of painting

“On the one hand I was happy because people were actually framing my work and putting it into context, but on the other hand I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable with how they spoke about it.…

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Jun-Jieh Wang | Self-gaze about ‘love and death’

‘At this time (pandemic), we may be able to make reflections on our previous practices, thinking about the new possibilities and new actions in art under globalization. I think this is an opportunity to re-examine…

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Isaac Julien | Reconnecting the past and the present by conserving and restoring the images of “Looking for Langston”

“One of the things which I’ve been involved in at the studio is working on my archive and that entails us going back to early works and trying to think about a way of reconnecting…

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