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Waswo X. Waswo | To reveal and explore humanity through the hand-coloured photographic portraits

“When you first look at my pictures you know what you’re seeing. Then you realise what you first saw is not correct and you’re forced to look at them again, which leaves you with this…

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Salman Toor | Creating the safe and magical spaces by narrative paintings

“By creating private, deeply comfortable spaces, I hope to give dignity and safety to the boys in my paintings.” — Salmon Toor Salman Toor | Image courtesy of the artist, Bryan Derballa and Juxtapoz Magazine…

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General Idea | Serious Humor

“In Canada we were seen as not being really serious. Also, people would tell us that you can’t be a group and be an artist, artists don’t work in groups. But when we went to…

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Ching Ho Cheng | The Subtlety of Expression

“I want to capture something of the miraculous. Light is the most awesome symbol of the Order of the Universe. Nothing can beat the speed of light. When I paint light I’m not just concerned…

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Christopher K. Ho l Thinking about institutions building institutions as tools as instruments for change through institutions

“It has this idea of a work also being half. Half out, half on the margins, but halfway in. And, actually, that kind of mediating position of curating is one that I still believe in.…

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Duane Michals | Telling the nature of the person in his “prose portraits”

“I think photographs should be provocative and not tell you what you already know. It takes no great powers or magic to reproduce somebody’s face in a photograph. The magic is in seeing people in…

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Mickalene Thomas | Her paintings reinterpret canonized images of beauty, diversifying the representations of black female bodies in art and history

“I’m hoping someone standing in front of my work might get the same feeling I got when I stood in front of the work of Carrie Mae Weems, having a sense of possibility and accessibility.…

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Kang Seung Lee | Retelling marginalized narrative of queer figures and LGBTQ communities in art history by graphite drawings

“They may seem to have disappeared from history, but their lives, in fact, have influenced ours enormously and remain important today.”— Kang Seung Lee Kang Seung Lee| Image courtesy of the artist and Gallery Hyundai…

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WangShui | Giving identity a transformative power

“Once you start immersing yourself in the feedback loop, you become a very accountable agent in that process and to me, that’s the direction our species has to go in because for so long, we’ve,…

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Ly Tran Quynh Giang | Her expressionist wood cut panels depicts the existential conditions shared by human and natural world

“For me, art is as natural as body, which means it includes both each emotion and movement that mix and inseparable. It is like the air and food we have everyday. It is attached and…

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Khairullah Rahim | Weaving fact, narratives and fictions together with his cheerful, effervescent style of painting and sculpture

“We need to move past ideas that white symbolises purity, red symbolises romance, and black symbolises evil… Of course colours have had symbolic meanings over the years, but we need to adopt a more open…

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Chitra Ganesh | Filling the gaps in official history, rising the untold stories to the surface by mythological comic

“I’m incorporating certain gestures, certain kinds of bodies, citations from queer politics and art, figures from the past and present, and bringing that into a shared frame, a roadmap for understanding the present and future,…

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Hiram To | His way of weaving a narrative that crosses time, locations, and different fields

“Being aware of the photographic traditions of postmodern photography and identity art, I want to explore the idea of sentimentality, the premise of highly compressed emotion. They are deliberately over the top. One artist friend…

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Bhupen Khakhar | His figurative paintings directed to whole humanity

“In life we all the time make social adjustments to please people around us. We forget our duty towards ourselves. What we should do in art and life is do exactly what one likes.” —…

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Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho | Looking into “The Angry Christ”, the mural in the Philippines created by Alfonso Ossorio in 1950

“I think it’s a response to a problem that I’m sure a lot of us here are familiar with, which is that people who are not speaking from what has been designated as the universal…

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Alfonso Ossorio | Victorias drawings as his spiritual influence on the visual image of Christ

“Well, one can say a continuing interest in problems which religion covers such as birth, death, sex – these particular aspects of humanity. And certainly religion is either revealed or human beings thought it up.…

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Virtue Village | Reclaiming and reimagining the idea of “queer community”

“We are tired of portrayals of our community by mainstream society that are homonormalised, overly positive or pitiful. We just have to be honest and blunt, whether the truth is poignant or not.” — Virtue…

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Loo Zihan | A meticulous investigation into history, memory and identity by re-enactment and re-creation

“In my moving image practice, I explore the politics of reconstructing a moment of personal trauma and shame. My performance work investigates the performing body and its relationship to the moving image as documentation. My…

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Ellen Pau | From Song of the Goddess (1992) to 52Hz (2022), reviewing the milestone of Hong Kong queer history

“Video records your growth and dreams. The maker/author of a movie exists as a transparent being, external to the images. However, the maker/author of a video becomes part of, or even the actual content, within…

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Shu Lea Cheang | Interrogating the distance between punishment and pleasure, surveillance and lust

‘When we start using this term “gender fluid”… in a way, I really want to have this kind of switchable gender. At the moment, a lot of people are trying to redefine: what is gender?…

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Joshua Serafin | Unpacking codes of representation and performativity from pageant competitions

“Dance, for me, has become a platform to tackle and materialize all of the ideas I’m interested in. But it’s also a two-way relationship — while dancing gives me this platform, it’s also the practice…

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Sornchai Phongsa | Revisiting the relationship between the self and family belief system

“I start to work on a theme of MON ethnic minority groups in South East Asia, focusing on Animism because this topic is related to my family belief system, It’s called Mon’s Spirits totem, which…

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Tseng Kwong Chi | A Flâneur living between the East and the West

“I am an inquisitive traveler, a witness of my time, and an ambiguous ambassador” — Tseng Kwong Chi Tseng Kwong Chi, “New York, NY (World Trade Center)”, 1979 | Image courtesy of the Artist Estate,…

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Gazi Nafis Ahmed | Camera as a “weapon of love,” breaking down hate and prejudice through sharing stories

“I explore love in my work. Love is what matters — love for each other and the love that we pour into the art we feel compelled to share. We human beings are here for…

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Trevor Yeung | Projecting emotional and intellectual scenarios on biological substitutes

“Intimacy is important in my artworks. And not only intimacy between the audience and the artworks, but also between myself and the material. Some artists spend 15 years studying colour. I’ve spent most of my…

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Yan Xing | Shaping a richer self

‘I have very specific requirements for how to “frame” my own work. I want to control the audience’s experience. This is my public rejection of audience engagement. The viewer can only see the parts I…

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Zheng Bo | The forest as a queer assembly in a more-than-human form

“I think when I started working with plants I did use them as metaphors. But as you probably can sense, as I learned more about their life, I’m trying to move away from that, and…

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Xiyadie | Zhuangzi dreamed a butterfly, a queer artist’s confession

“At that time in the village, if you dared to come out, you would be scolded by the whole family and could not live there anymore. I would love to be with the man I…

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Arin Rungjang | Welcome to My World

“Every time Tee (a transgender woman won a transgender beauty competition) came to visit at our house, my heart would beat hard. I remember wishing to be beautiful like her. Every morning my mom would…

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Sin Wai Kin | Their explorations in non-binary gender construction by using drag and speculative fiction

“I initially didn’t think about what to convey (through cross-dressing). Just felt like it was something I had to do. I want to explore femininity in a queer way. Looking back now, I am dealing…

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