LGBTQ rights

Elmgreen & Dragset | The artist duo unveiling the power structures in a humorous way

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“The little art project is like a grain of sand in an oyster, which creates a certain irritation that becomes a beautiful pearl. It’s a belief in your fellow human…

Balbir Krishan | Insisting on constructing the texture of human skin by using dots and lines

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“First, I would tell (younger self) that little kid to speak, to any trusted person who might have stopped the sexual violence. Looking back, though, I realize there was no…

Isaac Julien | Reconnecting the past and the present by conserving and restoring the images of “Looking for Langston”

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“One of the things which I’ve been involved in at the studio is working on my archive and that entails us going back to early works and trying to think…

David Wojnarowicz | Je est un autre (I is Somebody Else)

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“I want to make somebody feel less alienated — that’s the most meaningful thing to me. I think part of what informs the book is the pain of having grown…

Jimmy Ong | Representing diverse families by large-scale charcoal drawings

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“The last one was a lengthy full page feature in 2011 about my family. Details about my domestic life as a gay spouse in the USA was omitted, such that…

Wolfgang Tillmans | Turn ordinary subjects to extraordinary photos


“The true authenticity of photographs for me is that they usually manipulate and lie about what is in front of the camera, but never lie about the intentions behind the…

Samson Young | At This Moment Silence is Better Than Sound


Samson Young is an artist who can concentrate on only one thing under the scene of many different events happening. “So You Are Old by the Time You Reach the Island” presented…

Anne Samat | Making agreements with materials, exploring gender issues in a new perspective

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“As long as the materials can be woven into my work, I will use them.” – Anne Samat Anne Samat, “Freedom 1… to be Me”, 2017 | Image courtesy of…

Keith Haring | Distinct Semiotics and Aesthetics in Graffiti

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“The formation of a symbol is made by the minimum number of lines to indicate the entire object. This is common to all languages, all people, all times.” – Keith Haring…

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