Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now

Yan Xing | Shaping a richer self

4096 2304 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

‘I have very specific requirements for how to “frame” my own work. I want to control the audience’s experience. This is my public rejection of audience engagement. The viewer can…

Xiyadie | Zhuangzi dreamed a butterfly, a queer artist’s confession


“At that time in the village, if you dared to come out, you would be scolded by the whole family and could not live there anymore. I would love to…

Hou Chun-Ming | Unbridled but not out of control

1082 684 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“Handling the most important problem that you need to face and solve now is the most accurate and powerful creation. Honesty is crucial. Point to the core and don’t dodge.…

Su Hui-Yu | Re-narrating Taboos

2048 1151 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“I want to create something that intersects personal memory and historical collective memory, and then use my personal language to present it. There are many movies from the old days…

Patrick Sun on Spreading LGBTQ+ Art in Asia by LUX

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“Patrick Sun is pushing forward a movement very close to his heart, through his foundation, Sunpride. Sunpride seeks to give equal opportunities to LGBTQ+ in the art world. Here, Sun,…

Ren Hang | Wandering on the edge, lost in the world


“Nudes are there since always. We were born nude. So talking about revolution, I don’t think there’s anything to revolutionize. Unless people are born with clothes on, and I want…

Hsi Shih-Pin | How crazy the heart is; how free the soul is

1805 1709 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

‘People sometimes don’t react for the sake of reaction. You merely listened to your fundamental voice, and then expressed. The function of art is to inspire more people’s imaginations. The…

Ming Wong | The career in acting under cross play, cross-dressing and gender resetting

1200 800 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

’This is one kind of “cross-dressing” no matter if I act as a male in the play, an old character or a young character, even speaking the foreign language in…

MOCA Taipei Symposium: Gender Equality in Museum Exhibitions


Christopher Cheung | Extending visual imaginations by autobiographical paintings of hyperrealism

1198 960 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“There is an old saying that life is always like a play, but life does not allow rehearsals. It is impossible to edit the plot and change the roles, time…