Queer art

Catherine Opie | The Community of Difference


“My work is really simple; I don’t have a lot of hidden agendas. It’s about place and identity and how they inform each other, and that includes myself; but iconic…

Elmgreen & Dragset | The artist duo unveiling the power structures in a humorous way

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“The little art project is like a grain of sand in an oyster, which creates a certain irritation that becomes a beautiful pearl. It’s a belief in your fellow human…

Ad Minoliti | Feminism as a tender utopia


‘I am interested in breaking from what art history limits to “feminist art” or “woman art”: an apology of suffering representing victims of traumatic experiences without legitimizing other expressions and…

Ming Wong | The career in acting under cross play, cross-dressing and gender resetting

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’This is one kind of “cross-dressing” no matter if I act as a male in the play, an old character or a young character, even speaking the foreign language in…

Wu Tsang on “Anthem” (2021), a new site-specific multimedia installation at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

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Wu Tsang’s new commission, “Anthem” (2021), was conceived in collaboration with the legendary singer, composer, and transgender activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland. Harnessing the Guggenheim’s cathedral-like acoustics to construct what the artist…

Jun-Jieh Wang | Self-gaze about ‘love and death’

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‘At this time (pandemic), we may be able to make reflections on our previous practices, thinking about the new possibilities and new actions in art under globalization. I think this…

Isaac Julien | Reconnecting the past and the present by conserving and restoring the images of “Looking for Langston”

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“One of the things which I’ve been involved in at the studio is working on my archive and that entails us going back to early works and trying to think…

David Wojnarowicz | Je est un autre (I is Somebody Else)

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“I want to make somebody feel less alienated — that’s the most meaningful thing to me. I think part of what informs the book is the pain of having grown…

Peter Hujar | The portrait sitters in his black and white photography are the people who dare


“My work comes out of my life. The people I photograph are not freaks or curiosities to me. I like people who dare. I want to be discussed in hushed…

8 LGBTQIA+ Artists on Self-Portraiture and Expressions of Pride

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