Venice Biennale

Mark Bradford | Standing up and not being on the fringe by redefining “Abstraction”

1600 1200 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“When I decided to go to art school, hell or high water I was going to be a subject. Some people, God bless them, are born with subjectivity. For some,…

Anne Imhof | Making both moving and still pictures by pointing to the history of painting

1144 840 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“On the one hand I was happy because people were actually framing my work and putting it into context, but on the other hand I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable with…

David Medalla | The Avant-garde Artist of Kinetic Art, Performance Art, Participatory Art and Conceptual Art


“His spirit has transcended and moved so many artists, friends, strangers and the art loving public over time and space, inspired by his genius as an artist, poet, activist, wit,…