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2048 1363 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Danh Võ | Re-interpreting freedom through disassembling and rebuilding

“I thought it would be interesting to make something that people felt so familiar with, in all the different ways that people project on the sculpture, and try to destabilise your own thinking of it.”…

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2560 1714 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Nan Goldin | Photography as a public visual diary, an obsession with memory

“I lived with some drag queens so I photographed drag queens. I never decided that drag queens formed a subject that I had to photograph. The work was always a direct offshoot of my life.…

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Ren Hang | Wandering on the edge, lost in the world

“Nudes are there since always. We were born nude. So talking about revolution, I don’t think there’s anything to revolutionize. Unless people are born with clothes on, and I want to take their clothes off,…

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Catherine Opie | The Community of Difference

“My work is really simple; I don’t have a lot of hidden agendas. It’s about place and identity and how they inform each other, and that includes myself; but iconic images need to be simple,…

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1805 1709 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Hsi Shih-Pin | How crazy the heart is; how free the soul is

‘People sometimes don’t react for the sake of reaction. You merely listened to your fundamental voice, and then expressed. The function of art is to inspire more people’s imaginations. The artist’s mission is to propose…

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2274 1532 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Elmgreen & Dragset | The artist duo unveiling the power structures in a humorous way

“The little art project is like a grain of sand in an oyster, which creates a certain irritation that becomes a beautiful pearl. It’s a belief in your fellow human beings – in the audience…

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2000 1657 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Balbir Krishan | Insisting on constructing the texture of human skin by using dots and lines

“First, I would tell (younger self) that little kid to speak, to any trusted person who might have stopped the sexual violence. Looking back, though, I realize there was no one. Certainly not my father.…

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Ad Minoliti | Feminism as a tender utopia

‘I am interested in breaking from what art history limits to “feminist art” or “woman art”: an apology of suffering representing victims of traumatic experiences without legitimizing other expressions and forms of reclamation. Personally, I…

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1200 800 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Ming Wong | The career in acting under cross play, cross-dressing and gender resetting

’This is one kind of “cross-dressing” no matter if I act as a male in the play, an old character or a young character, even speaking the foreign language in the play. Cross-dressing is not…

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1144 840 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Anne Imhof | Making both moving and still pictures by pointing to the history of painting

“On the one hand I was happy because people were actually framing my work and putting it into context, but on the other hand I didn’t necessarily feel comfortable with how they spoke about it.…

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2776 1638 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Jun-Jieh Wang | Self-gaze about ‘love and death’

‘At this time (pandemic), we may be able to make reflections on our previous practices, thinking about the new possibilities and new actions in art under globalization. I think this is an opportunity to re-examine…

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2000 1384 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Isaac Julien | Reconnecting the past and the present by conserving and restoring the images of “Looking for Langston”

“One of the things which I’ve been involved in at the studio is working on my archive and that entails us going back to early works and trying to think about a way of reconnecting…

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1198 960 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Christopher Cheung | Extending visual imaginations by autobiographical paintings of hyperrealism

“There is an old saying that life is always like a play, but life does not allow rehearsals. It is impossible to edit the plot and change the roles, time and space. Let’s say drama…

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1200 1420 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

David Wojnarowicz | Je est un autre (I is Somebody Else)

“I want to make somebody feel less alienated — that’s the most meaningful thing to me. I think part of what informs the book is the pain of having grown up for years and years…

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Peter Hujar | The portrait sitters in his black and white photography are the people who dare

“My work comes out of my life. The people I photograph are not freaks or curiosities to me. I like people who dare. I want to be discussed in hushed tones. When people talk about…

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1280 835 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Jimmy Ong | Representing diverse families by large-scale charcoal drawings

“The last one was a lengthy full page feature in 2011 about my family. Details about my domestic life as a gay spouse in the USA was omitted, such that only half of the interview…

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1280 719 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Tony Albert | Invisible is my favorite color

“I don’t fight for anything but I stand for many things, one of them is art. Art has the ability to: heal; transcend culture, age and language; change the way we see the world and;…

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Wang Haiyang | A tiny dust in the world

“I am not sensitive to formal things but I am better at emotional things. Therefore, I chose to ‘tend to what to paint’, a kind of direct way of emotional exchange.” – Haiyang Wang Wang…

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Guanyu Xu | Queering his childhood home by photo installations

“My home and the images I was exposed to influenced my desire and made me the person I am today, in releasing that history and releasing those archives, I can influence my future; I can…

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1080 720 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran | The Art of “Bad Boy of Ceramics”

“Clay, symbolically and materially, has a semblance to flesh — that’s what drew me to the material. Ceramics is very technical, but it can be very democratic. If you make small works, you can approach…

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960 1081 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Oliver Beer | Revealing the hidden properties of objects, bodies and architectural sites by finding their musicality

‘Sound is a sculptural presence which is entirely contingent on form, time, geometry and space. If you look at objects from an acoustic perspective, they can start to reveal things that we wouldn’t have realised…

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989 1280 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Ho Tam | From art creations to art publication projects

“I used to exhibit my work in galleries, but an exhibition is limited by the location and visited by so many people. For me, the printed medium is like a portable gallery, and it is…

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Derek Jarman | Painting was my secret garden

“I knew I wanted to paint very early on – painting was my secret garden. My art was an escape out of Heterosoc, and for me to use the word ‘queer’ is a liberation; it…

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David Medalla | The Avant-garde Artist of Kinetic Art, Performance Art, Participatory Art and Conceptual Art

“His spirit has transcended and moved so many artists, friends, strangers and the art loving public over time and space, inspired by his genius as an artist, poet, activist, wit, philosopher and raconteur. His curiosity,…

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2048 1332 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Ugo Rondinone | Creating poetic spaces from the inspiration of nature

“In general I like art that is capable of organizing a space of perpetual and indefinite accumulation of time and language and image in an immobile place.” — Ugo Rondinone Ugo Rondinone and his work…

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1200 919 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Tseng Chien-Ying | Using the paintings by the oriental medium and material to represent the observation on the contemporary body

“I want to use a kind of individual perspective to get to the society and era, and try to show the appearance of human existence. I want to discuss the state of ‘people’ in the…

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1592 1958 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Annie Leibovitz | Telling a good story in a portrait

“I wanted something that told a good story in a portrait. Portraiture allowed me to keep my voice. I think my work is stronger when I have a point of view.” — Annie Leibovitz Annie…

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1000 488 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Maria Taniguchi | The untitled black brick wall

“I see myself as someone who’s just painting in a room with my dog.” – Maria Taniguchi Maria Taniguchi, “Untitled”, 2017 | Image courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery Born in the 80s Philippines,…

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Tracey Moffatt | Creating visual stories with non-traditional narrative through photography and video

“My work is full of emotion and drama, you can get to that drama by using a narrative, and my narratives are usually very simple, but I twist it. There is a storyline, but there…

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Jam Wu | Opening a dialogue between folk art and the world through light

“Paper cutting art is not only about cutting out the decorative images, but about connecting with our own life.” – Jam Wu Body Fold by the Dear Time (2017), installation view at “Spectrosynthesis II” | Image courtesy…

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