Life and Death in Venice
Ming Wong | Video

Ming Wong
B. 1971, Singapore

Year | 2010
Total running time | 16 min 8 sec
Medium | 3-channel colour HD video installation with sound
Ming Wong​ ​is a multidisciplinary artist. His practice includes live performance, installation and​ ​video art​. His​ ​video installations often​ ​​​involve the​ ​remake​ ​of​ ​classic films, with the artist playing all of the characters, regardless of gender or​ ​ethnicity.​ Wong’s recent​ ​projects​ ​are​ ​interdisciplinary,​ ​often​ ​incorporating performance and installation to​ ​explore cultural​ ​issues and gender identity.​ ​He lives and works in Berlin.