Martin Wong | Realism in the hand of an urban dreamer

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“Taking down to street level this time, I wanted to focus in close on some of the endless layers of conflict that has us all bound together… Always locked in,…

Carrie Yamaoka | A Rejuvenation of Minimalism spurred by new materials, more refined techniques, and fresh ideas

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“I’m not interested in composing a picture. I leave room for the viewer to complete the picture in the end. People get caught up in the mystery of how it’s…

Dinh Q. Lê | Identity and sense of belongings are woven by photographs


“These early weavings were really about me trying to locate my place in America, in the West. During my lunch breaks at high school, as my English was very bad,…

Mark Bradford | Standing up and not being on the fringe by redefining “Abstraction”

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“When I decided to go to art school, hell or high water I was going to be a subject. Some people, God bless them, are born with subjectivity. For some,…

Patrick Sun on Spreading LGBTQ+ Art in Asia by LUX

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“Patrick Sun is pushing forward a movement very close to his heart, through his foundation, Sunpride. Sunpride seeks to give equal opportunities to LGBTQ+ in the art world. Here, Sun,…

Nan Goldin | Photography as a public visual diary, an obsession with memory

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“I lived with some drag queens so I photographed drag queens. I never decided that drag queens formed a subject that I had to photograph. The work was always a…

Catherine Opie | The Community of Difference


“My work is really simple; I don’t have a lot of hidden agendas. It’s about place and identity and how they inform each other, and that includes myself; but iconic…

Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 | Show Floor Discovery with Patrick Sun

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Why I Collect: Patrick Sun | As told to Nick Yu for Art Basel

1986 1241 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“What sets the Sunpride Foundation apart from other private initiatives is why and how we collect. Our mission is to foster a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for the…

Meet The Collector: Patrick Sun On His Acquisition Strategy And Fostering Better LGBTQ+ Representation In Art | CoBo Social

1600 1066 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

He is now known among the art community for his large-scale exhibitions promoting LGBTQ+ art in Asia, but real estate developer Patrick Sun began his path collecting art with an…