For How We Perceived a Life, Take 3
Wu Tsang | Video

Wu Tsang
B.​ 1982, Massachusetts, USA

Year | 2012
Total running time | 9 min 34 sec
Medium | Single-channel colour HD video with sound, 16mm film loop
Wu Tsang is a Los Angeles-based film maker, activist and artist in performance​, sculpture​ ​and installation​. ​Her​ ​multidisciplinary practice​ ​moves​ ​fluidly between documentary, activism, and fiction​. ​Her works​ ​are​ ​often​ ​concerned with the queer and transgender community​. ​Her projects have been presented at​ ​the most prestigious art​ ​museums and film festivals internationally, including MoMA​ ​New York, Tate Modern, MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight, and Whitney Biennial​ ​amongst many others​. ​She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.