Sunpride Artist

Samson Young | At This Moment Silence is Better Than Sound


Samson Young is an artist who can concentrate on only one thing under the scene of many different events happening. “So You Are Old by the Time You Reach the Island” presented…

Robert Indiana | American painter of signs with the theme of love

1920 1152 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“There is always power in love. Love should cover the world.” – Robert Indiana Robert Indiana at New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art | Image courtesy of AP Robert Indiana…

14 Artists on the Importance of Portraying Queer Love

1280 850 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“Artists portraying queer love act in solidarity with all those individuals they are connected or related to,” says artist Zanele Muholi. “Doing so means celebrating and acknowledging the presence and…

Anne Samat | Making agreements with materials, exploring gender issues in a new perspective

1266 845 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“As long as the materials can be woven into my work, I will use them.” – Anne Samat Anne Samat, “Freedom 1… to be Me”, 2017 | Image courtesy of…

Keith Haring | Distinct Semiotics and Aesthetics in Graffiti

1600 1200 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

“The formation of a symbol is made by the minimum number of lines to indicate the entire object. This is common to all languages, all people, all times.” – Keith Haring…

Lyno Vuth | Leading art to step into community, leading public to step into the heart of LGBTQ community


“… Art is not only for art fans to visit but also belongs to all Cambodians. With the aim of providing a channel for the general public to approach art…

Samson Young Announced Winner of the Inaugural Sigg Prize



Zanele Muholi | Photography Rewrites Visual History of Black Queer and Transgender from South Africa

2048 768 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

Muholi prefers to describe herself as a “visual activist” rather than an “artist” as she believes that her art and role carry a mission (Left & Middle) Zanele Muholi’s self-portraits…

SUNPRIDE Artist Jes Fan shortlisted for 2020 BMW Art Journey

2000 1500 SUNPRIDE FOUNDATION | 驕陽基金會

SUNPRIDE Artist Jes Fan has been shortlisted for 2020 BMW Art Journey alongside sculptor Leelee Chan and artist duo Enzo Camacho and Amy Lien. The winner of the ninth BMW Art Journey will…