Muted Situations #5: Muted Chorus
Samson Young | Video

Samson Young
B. 1979, Hong Kong

Year | 2016
Total running time | 9 min 7 sec
Medium | Single-channel colour HD video with sound

Staging a performance of the entirety of a choral composition without projecting the musical notes. This must be done without a diminution of the energy that is normally exerted in the performance of the composition in question. Ensemble-ship, phrasing, engagement of the bodies and all other factors pertaining to the performative intent of the work must be preserved as far as possible, but the sung musical notes are not to be heard. Suppress the consciously sound-producing constituent of the performance. As a result other sounds will be revealed, including but not limited to inhale of the singers, the sound that their bodies produce, and the rattling of the music scores.

Samson Young is one of the most sought-after artists from Hong Kong in recent years. Young is an artist in multi media, installation, and performance. He is also a musician, composer, and performer. In 2017, he represented Hong Kong to exhibit at the 57th Venice Biennale. He has been awarded Hong Kong Arts Development Council Artist of the Year in 2013; winner of the first BMW Art Journey Award in 2015 amongst many other awards and recognitions.

The Unconventional Images and Sounds of Samson Young | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 37 by Bloomberg QuickTake