Visible Woman
Jes Fan | Sculpture

Jes Fan
B. 1990, Canada

Year | 2018
Dimensions | 196 x 152 x 25 cm each (diptych)
Medium | 3D-printed resin, PPE pipes, pigments
Fan is an artist who uses a haptic approach to understand how identity is materialized biologically and ontologically. Approaching materials as molecules, Fan uses substances such as hormones, melanin, silicone and soap—materials that are imbued with erotic and political signifiers to articulate his concerns about diasporic politics, transgender identities, and posthumanism.

Reflecting on the intersections of many identities, Jes Fan questions the concept of “otherness” by creatively exploring materials and substances with social, political, and erotic connotations. Working with latex, silicone, glycerin, and injectable Depo-Testosterone, Fan’s playful, poetic objects and drawings explore transgender identity, body modification, and self-determination..