Conundrum Ka Sorga (To Heaven)
安・薩瑪特 | 雕塑

Anne Samat 安・薩瑪特
B. 1973, 馬來西亞

Year | 2019
Dimensions | 213 x 228 x 305 cm
Medium | Rattan, yarns, found objects, fashion accessories, household and stationary items

Anne Samat graduated in 1995 from Mara Institute of Technology, in Malaysia. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Art and Design (textile design) with a major in weaving and a minor in resist print technique. Samat is a pioneer in the contemporary weaving world, promoting the woven tradition by blending Malaysian Songket textiles with her own unique interpretations. Using intricately-woven textile, synthetic fibres, rattan sticks, and other found objects, Anne creates colourful and elaborate totems inspired by ancient tales of her ancestry, evoke her familial lineage and the rich cultural diversity of Malaysia. Her work merges the old with the new, and feminine and masculine energies.